The CEO, Ikorni Games, and Bingo9ja, Mr. Eni Eniola, spoke about his team’s strategy and approach to revolutionizing gambling in the country. Creating jobs and growing Nigeria’s economy using Blockchain technology. The game root is the parent company of Bingo9ja.

The gaming industry in Nigeria has an estimated value of 70,001,000,000. In addition, in 2016, about 154,000,000,000 people spent per game in Nigeria. A new company based on the blockchain, wants to revolutionize the lottery in Nigeria with the unique features of the blockchain technology.

Meanwhile, Nigeria is the cradle of a large number of cryptocurrencies and blockchain startups with exciting projects.

A new project that uses the blockade chain wants a revolution in the gambling and betting industry. The CEO met with this day’s newspaper, one of Nigeria’s leading information platforms. This is to discuss project prospects and plans for the lottery industry in Nigeria.

Design to make it easier for all game enthusiasts so that they can play various types of lottery games and games classified in the comfort of their home. That they use their mobile applications supported by Blockchain, Integrated terminals in the Blockchain node or USSD applications.


In addition, with a fixed rate of n 100.00, Bingo9ja can play in Nigeria. The platform has five different games that can be accessed via a terminal or a mobile device that uses a mobile application. The platform has a minimum gain of n 30,000 and a maximum gain of N2,500,000. In addition, there is a game jackpot where the minimum payout is 500,000 N and the maximum is infinite until someone wins.

The company’s goal is to start a business in Lagos, Nigeria, in the country’s shopping center. I have to deal with regulatory issues in the country. Currently, Nigeria does not have a regulatory position on the blockchain and cryptocurrency. However, the lottery industry is largely regulated by the competent authority of the country.

The gambling company said that it has already reviewed all government regulations that control gaming activities at the federal and state level. Mr. Eniola said that the Consumer Protection Board (CCP) is aware of Bingo9ja and has its consent to conduct gambling activities in Nigeria.

The government of Lagos also gave them permission to introduce gambling in the state of Lagos. Similarly, they are currently receiving approval from the federal government to cover other states in the country.

The company will deal with deregulation, double taxation, high-cost models and corruption. In addition, most lottery operators complained that they were killing many lottery companies in the country.