Bitcoin Card Wallet from Coinfinity

What is Bitcoin Card Wallet?

Card WalletCard Wallet is a new, innovative solution to store Bitcoin securely for longer periods of time. Coinfinity and the Austrian Government Printing Office have teamed up to develop a simple, yet effective and safe way to store bitcoin offline. The card production takes place in the high-security room of the Austrian Government Printing Office. They use Coinfinity’s Secure Entropy Technology employing an isolated offline system. Your private key is deleted immediately after the card is produced. Nobody, not even staff present in the high-security room, will be able to see your key. Innovative security materials and fraud-resistant features make it extremely secure. Manipulation of the card is not possible. Bitcoin Card Wallet has been available since November 2018 for 59,99 € and is shipped to you directly from the Austrian Government Printing Office.

What do you use it for and how is it different from other wallets?

Storing digital currencies securely can be a challenge. You loose your phone, your hard drive crashes, hackers attack your online wallet etc. The most secure way of storing cryptos is actually offline on a physical device. That is exactly what Bitcoin Card Wallet offers: a professional cold storage solution. This is of course not a payment or debit card but that is not its intended use anyway.
Compared to a hardware wallet, which is also a secure way of storing cryptocurrencies, Card Wallet is easy to use and requires almost no technical knowledge. It does not need updates and requires no interface (such as USB). Since the private key is stored without any hardware dependencies, the Card Wallet is still readable in decades.

What is the technology behind it?

The private key serves as a proof of ownership for your bitcoins and also signs transactions in the Bitcoin network. There is only one copy of the private key and that is on your card. Also, the public key on the card exists only on that particular card. There is no other place to find the keys.
The innovative Secure Entropy Technology (SET) generates the private key. It combines multiple entropy sources to then generate a random number. It then validates that all sources are part of the calculations that lead to the random number. This process prevents errors in the generation of these random numbers and also attacks from random number generators.


Security features:
1. Tactile security features
2. Hologram
3. Security slits
4. Security seal
5. ChainLockCode
6. Forgery-proof features


Card Wallet Security Features




What does the future hold?

At the moment, Card Wallet is only available for storing Bitcoin. A Card Wallet for Ethereum is in the making and other digital currencies will follow. Good to see that someone is taking care of the security aspect of storing bitcoin (and other crypto currencies). As a user, we tend to take care of these things, when it is already too late. This is an easy to use, hassle-free solution that everyone can use. For us, Card Wallet is a definite recommendation! You can order one for yourself clicking on the button below.
Bitcoin Card Wallet
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