Instead of influencing the vagaries of speculators. A stablecoins is a new type, capable of being part of a blockchain. Which is characterized by its connection with real stable assets, ranging from raw materials and currencies. For example, users can buy a stable currency for a dollar and then change it at the same price. Eliminating the notorious fluctuations in cryptographic prices.

Stablecoins is currently the fastest growing sector in the market for cryptographic exchanges with a value of US $ 186,000,000,000. These are cryptographic parts whose value is related to real goods, such as gold or the US dollar. This contrasts with traditional cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin. Whose markets are highly volatile and can fluctuate between 10 and 20% in a matter of hours. Creating greater uncertainty among investors.

Institutional actors recognized the potential of stable parts. According to a stable report by a cryptographic research group, the total investment in the stable parts sector was 3,000,000,000 in November. This year, more than 120 Stablecoin projects were launched.

Stablecoins has the potential to turn scenes from coin cryptography and blockchain technology.

They will encourage the use of cryptographic payment applications and their stable value means that they can be used on a daily basis for purchases. This is currently not possible for impulsive cryptographic parts. To a large extent, industry experts believe that non-volatile cryptographic parts can provide an infrastructure level that can immeasurably increase the percentage of users of cryptographic parts. They are a valuable link between digital currencies and fictitious currencies that are free from inflation risks, and also reduce risks for potential investors.

Innovative technologies certainly have their first problems, and stable currencies need specific guarantees of stability, management and transparency before they can be included. However, they have the potential to completely transform our financial institutions in the near future.